Leadership Advancement Program Committee

Committee Charge: The Leadership Advancement Program (LAP) team coordinates the training and development of the 2014-15 LAP class and recruits the 2015-16 class. The Leadership Advancement Program Team will achieve the following outcomes: • Deliver an effective program reflecting feedback and recommendations from the 2013-14 LAP class. • Educate LAP participants about NACE history, structure, and engagement opportunities. • Provide opportunity for participants to learn about and reflect upon leadership in a volunteer setting. • Offer participants insight into strategic NACE priorities, challenges, and opportunities. • Empower participants to share individual leadership expertise and ideas with their peers. • Connect participants with current or previous NACE Board mentors to enrich their understanding of association leadership. • In collaboration with the NACE staff, monitor the conversion rate of LAP participants through the years to positions of volunteer leadership (e.g. committee chairs, Board members, etc.) and suggest approaches to strengthen this rate. • By January 1, 2015, develop and disseminate strategies for: (1) LAP participants to provide feedback to committee chairs regarding the committee experience; and (2) for the committee chairs to provide observations to the LAP co-chairs about the engagement and effectiveness of the LAP participants as committee members.