Keynote Speakers: Sunday, June 8

NACE14 kicks off with three speakers to energize, engage, and inspire you!

Sarah Michel,
Networking Expert

Tim Sanders,
Internet Pioneer and
Best-Selling Author

Henry Cisneros,
former HUD Secretary

Sarah Michel, an expert in cultivating relationships and networking, shares her strategies for improving your access and influence potential with your network by focusing on being a resource to others. In this fun and interactive presentation, you’ll learn new ways to network and discover how to become a valuable hub in your network wheel to grow your social capital and influence! Tim Sanders is more than just a "professional keynote speaker"; this bestselling business author and people and leadership expert will motivate and empower you to achieve more by honing effective leadership skills, building strong business relationships, and putting the value back in your people. Discover and compare how business relationships are conducted in the past, present, and the future. Henry Cisneros—former Mayor of San Antonio, co-chair of the Bipartisan Center's Immigration Task Force, former HUD secretary, and housing innovator—shares his rich experience in collaborating to achieve success. You’ll get key insights into how we can collaborate to build our community and meet goals.

Conference Closing Keynote: Wednesday, June 11

What's Next? Wrapping Up NACE14

Jeff Hurt
Forget the “traditional” conference close! Take part in a series of interactive exercises designed to help you put into perspective—and practice—what you’ve gained through NACE14. Led by Jeff Hurt, education and engagement expert with Velvet Chainsaw, you and colleagues will discuss, analyze, and synthesize your experience so that you can put into practice all you’ve learned. Plus, you’ll work through “what’s next?” and explore how to continue to expand your professional expertise!
Jeff Hurt,
Velvet Chainsaw Consulting