• Honoring Excellence: NACE Annual Awards

    NACE Journal, September 2011

    Academy of Fellows

    Emanuel Contomanolis
    Associate Vice President & Director, Bausch & Lomb Center, Rochester Institute of Technology

    Emanuel “Manny” Contomanolis has served in career services at the Rochester Institute of Technology for more than 30 years. He served on the board of three national professional associations, most recently as NACE President (2008-2009). He assisted in facilitating the establishment of the NACElink Network®, helped NACE to establish a working rapport with Japan’s National Federation of University Co-operative Associations, and helped articulate NACE’s position and worked toward forging a partnership between NACE and NFUCA. A 2006 Fulbright Grant recipient, Contomanolis also studied higher education reform and consulted with career services professionals in Germany. 

    Larry Routh
    Director, Career Services, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

    Larry Routh’s longest tenure in the career services filed has been at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, from 1998 to the present. He continues to regularly meet with students, give classroom presentations, and interact with employers. He has also served on the NACE Board and many NACE committees, most recently chairing the Career Services External Review Training Program Selection Committee. He was one of the founding directors for NACElink and has facilitated strategic discussions at NACElink Symposiums about its use. A frequent presenter at NACE’s and other professional association’s conferences, he also leads the financial management session at the Management Leadership Institute. 

    Professional Change Maker Award

    The 21st Century Cyber Workforce
    Booz Allen Hamilton

    In preparing this program, Booz Allen Hamilton developed a comprehensive approach to identify, attract, train, and retain university talent. The multi-faceted approach transformed the internship program into a work-force development program. Success included acceptance rates for intern-to-full-time employee conversions of more than 80 percent and enhanced relationships with key academic programs.

    NACE/Chevron Award

    iTCU Career App
    Texas Christian University

    The iTCU Career App was created to provide Texas Christian University (TCU) students and alumni with critical career information via the most effective delivery method possible—their smart phones. The app has six sections—interviewing, dining etiquette, business etiquette, upcoming events, videos, and career services at TCU. 

    NACE/SJG Rising Star Award

    Sponsored by NACE and the Spelman & Johnson Group
    Heather Maietta
    Director of Career Services, Nichols College
    In 2000, Heather Maietta started a career coaching business because she wanted to help individuals find meaningful work, and continues to run this business as a supplement to her full-time career in higher education. She has won several professional honors and awards and consistently seeks out opportunities to excel in the career development field. She is co-editing the text Moving On: Transition in the Senior Year of College and Beyond, in which she is authoring the chapter “Career Development in the Senior Year.” She has published on various topics in the field in books and other publications, and presented at the NACE 2011 Conference. 

    NACE Innovation Excellence Awards


    College—CoyoteCareers Program
    California State University-San Bernardino

    CoyoteCareers addresses the needs of Hispanic students in the STEM fields by providing free tutoring in hard-to-pass classes, Academic Career Education (ACE) training modules, paid service-learning internships, and alumni mentorship through ACE module instruction and networking opportunities.

    Employer—Diversity and Inclusiveness Recruiting
    Ernst & Young
    Ernst & Young efforts include Campus Inclusiveness Visits with university leaders; Campus Inclusiveness Champions at priority schools; Inclusiveness Recruiting Center of Expertise; Campus Diversity and Inclusiveness Roundtable; Inclusive Excellence Award for Accounting and Business School Faculty; Discover Tax; Ernst & Young LAUNCH program; and Horizons Internship Program.

    Global Initiatives

    Employer—Global Initiatives
    Ernst & Young
    Ernst & Young (E&Y) offers interns and employees the opportunity to work at one of E&Y’s global accounts, a short-term international job, or in a more formal global placement program. New programs include the Senior Short-Term Global Exchange for early-career professionals, the Global Student Exchange Program for interns, and the Global Exchange Program.

    Marketing and Branding 

    College—Rewards Program
    University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
    The Career Center Rewards Program encourages students to use career services. Similar to “punch cards” that reward customers for loyal product and services use, the program rewards students as they use more services in a cross-section of categories. Rewards given out for the program further a student’s professional image, with a top prize being a business portfolio.

    Small College—The Ichabod Campaign
    Southwestern University

    Catching the attention of students with today’s cacophony of communication is no mean feat. Social networking is king and creating an engaging marketing and branding campaign incorporating Facebook was the challenge. Ichabod Black, a mannequin modeling professional attire, became the “face of Southwestern University’s office—physically and virtually.

    Employer—Leadership Development Program Associate Newsletter
    Consolidated Graphics

    Associates in the Consolidated Graphics Leadership Development Program provide content and direction for the monthly Associate Newsletter, which allows readers to interact with text, videos, Flash animation, audio, and live links. The newsletter is distributed electronically; there is no cost to send it to more than 700 internal and external recipients, college faculty, and program candidates. 

    Student Engagement

    College—Explore Your Possibilities Week
    University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
    This weeklong conference includes more than 50 career development sessions presented by internal and external professionals. The goal is to reach first- and second-year students with a wide variety of declared majors and those exploring majors. Early career exploration topics are part of many sessions, reinforcing the importance of early career exploration and planning.

    Employer—Athletes on the GO!
    Enterprise Holdings
    Enterprise views student athletes as successful candidates for its Management Training Program. To support this, in 2005 Enterprise became recruiting partners with the NCAA. Tools and resources assist Enterprise in educating and engaging student athletes while aligning with NCAA’s goals of supporting the progress of student athletes’ academic, career, and personal development.


    College—Eye on iMedia Blog: Careers in Interactive Media
    Elon University
    The Eye on iMedia Blog was created to establish an interactive media career development resource for students and alumni, and to market Elon University’s new masterʼs in Interactive Media (iMedia) program. The blog is an engaging community of interactive media professionals sharing their professional thoughts and experiences.

    Small College—McNally Smith Profiles
    McNally Smith College of Music
    McNally Smith Profiles is an online talent pool and a multimedia rich portfolio system that allows arts and music students to present their work professionally to potential employers. The system offers both an internal branded searchable database and an elegant external non-branded website.

    Employer—Career Explorer
    PwC sought a new way to personally engage students and potential recruits with meaningful career information. PwC worked with LinkedIn to create Career Explorer, an innovative online resource containing advice and networking capabilities to enable their shared vision to help students, recent graduates, and all professionals build and manage successful careers. 

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Honoring Excellence: NACE Annual Awards