• Volunteering for the NACE Board and Committees

    NACE’s strongest asset is its membership and our member’s willingness to share skills, knowledge and expertise. Putting that talent into action by volunteering for a committee can be your first step to an active role in NACE.

    Committee members are appointed for a one year term commencing July 1. The NACE President determines which committees are needed each year to support the Strategic Plan of the organization. Each committee has specific charges related to the strategic plan. They are expected to produce results within a designated timeframe and are generally charged to increase member value.

    Committee participation often leads to interest in serving on the NACE Board of Directors. Along with the experience that you gain serving in the role of Employer or College Director, or as a NACE officer, is the opportunity to become part of shaping the direction and development of your association.

    There are many benefits including both personal growth and professional development that can be gained through active participation on a committee or service on the Board. Management skills in leadership, communication, team direction, organization, and financial responsibility are constantly developed through participation in the dynamic business of a national organization.

    Be a part of guiding the future of your association.

    Questions? Please contact Cecelia Nader at cnader@naceweb.org.