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  • NACE Fall ’16 Update

    With the start of a new academic and recruiting year, there is much to share about our active and forward-looking community of professionals. Here are a few highlights:

    • Membership: Our membership is up 11 percent with over 11,000 colleagues from more than 3,000 different organizations. Member Ambassadors and the Member Engagement Task Force are significantly supporting outreach and retention efforts as well as providing insights for new and returning members.
    • The NACE Mentor Program: More than 125 mentor-mentee pairs are actively engaged in sharing learning and insights. Our own experienced members are a vital resource for our profession. We encourage you to take part and pass on your insights or seek out new learning regardless of your time in the field. There is no deadline for enrollment, and mentors and mentees set their own pace and goals.
    • Career Readiness Resources: Access these newly provided resources (August 2016) to support your career readiness efforts. These come from your membership colleagues, and include sample rubrics, practices, and assessments. We encourage you to share yours!
    • NACE17: Call for proposals open through October 31! You can help shape the program; submit your cutting-edge topics, highlight the latest trends, or share your best practices.
    • Education for Aspiring Leaders: Registration is open for NACE’s premier leadership programs—the Management Leadership Institute for Career Services Professionals and the Recruiter Leadership Institute.
    • National Voice: In recent weeks we continued to be your voice at the table with national decision-makers such as ACE, AAEE, APLU, ASEE, BHEF, IIE, NACUBO, NAFSA, SVA, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. These interactions will result in valuable collaboration and information sharing to benefit our members.

    We would also like to share an update related to advocacy. Advocacy is a priority for our association, and you can be assured that the leadership takes into consideration the views and opinions of our membership in making any decisions that impact our members and the association. In April 2016, NACE advanced a position statement around diversity and anti-discrimination as a result of anti-LGBTQ state legislation. NACE leadership, with the assistance of the NACE Advocacy Advisory Committee, has continued to monitor this issue and its impact on the membership. We appreciate the input provided by our members during the comment period for the position statement.

    Recently, the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors, acting on recommendations from the NACE Advocacy Advisory Committee, established guidelines around NACE events:

    • For national events, NACE will strive to select locations and sites that align with our principles and values. In those instances where contractual obligations already exist, NACE event planners will work with the event facility to ensure respect for inclusivity.
    • For events involving members at local, state, and regional levels, NACE takes seriously its responsibility to work with members on ways to meet their needs. This is especially important in those cases where members reside in a state or locality that has enacted legislation that runs counter to NACE’s values. In serving these members, NACE will strive to select an event venue that embraces inclusivity and diversity.

    This is all to say we are a growing and vibrant professional association that supports our members around professional development, resource availability, and member involvement. We are here for you!

    Kathleen Powell
    2016-17 NACE President
    Associate Vice President, Career Development
    College of William & Mary

    Marilyn Mackes
    Executive Director