• Advocacy Advisory Committee


    Chair: Pat Carretta
    Board Adviser: Norma Guerra Gaier
    Staff Advisers: Ed Koc and Marilyn Mackes

    Pat Carretta
    Assistant Vice President, University Life
    George Mason University

    Norma Guerra Gaier
    Director, Career Services
    Texas State University - San Marcos

    O. Ray Angle
    Director, Career Center
    The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

    Marie Artim
    Vice President, Talent Acquisition

    William Banis
    Vice President, Student Affairs
    Northwestern University

    Ralph Brigham
    Global Director of Campus Relations
    Southwestern Advantage

    Andrew Ceperley
    Andrew T. Ceperley Consulting LLC

    Emanuel Contomanolis
    Associate Vice President & Director
    Rochester Institute of Technology

    Thomas Devlin
    Director, Career Center
    University of California – Berkeley

    Denise Dwight Smith
    Director, Career Management Center
    Old Dominion University

    Tim Luzader
    Director, Center for Career Opportunities
    Purdue University

    Sam Ratcliffe
    Director, Career Services
    Virginia Military Institute

    Jack Rayman
    Senior Director Emeritus, Career Services
    Pennsylvania State University

    Kathy Sims
    Vice President
    GiftedHire, Inc.

    Trudy Steinfeld
    Associate Vice President and Executive Director,
    The Wasserman Center for Career Development
    New York University

    Vanessa Strauss
    Senior Advisor to the Director
    Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)

    Shawn VanDerziel
    Chief Human Resources Officer
    The Field Museum

    Marilyn Mackes
    Executive Director

    Ed Koc
    Director of Research, Public Policy, and Legislative Affairs