• First-Destination Standards and Protocols

    The standards propose a common set of definitions and descriptions of the information on post-graduate activities that should be collected, and offer guidance on how to organize and analyze the data.Read more

    Updates on Current Legislation and the Higher Education Reauthorization Act

    An overview of federal regulations and requirements related to higher education, including the state authorization of online programs and gainful employment.Read more

    Collecting Graduating Student Outcomes: First-Destination Survey Initiative for the Class of 2014

    Information for institutions that plan to collect and report outcomes data for the Class of 2014 graduates.Read more

    Standards and Protocols Ensure Consistency of Data

    Manny Contomanolis, chair of the First-Destination Task Force, discusses key benefits and goals of the standards and protocols.Watch now

    Use the Standards and Protocols to Demonstrate the Value of Liberal Arts

    Catherine Neiner, Georgia Gwinnet College, offers insight into how first-destination surveys can confirm the value of a liberal arts education.Watch now