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2017-2018 Career Readiness Competencies Model Team

Committee Charge: The topic of career readiness for graduates is one of substantial relevance in higher education and the unique blend of NACE membership constituencies provides significant relevancy and voice of authority opportunities to inform and guide these conversations. NACE can and should consider the development a core career readiness competency model for undergraduates as an influential resource for the ongoing discussion in the higher education community. This NACE team will consider the broad implications and content surrounding the topic of career readiness within the higher education community and among salient stakeholder groups. It will develop and define a list of core career readiness competencies that can be universally applied across diverse institutions in higher education. Specifically, the Career Readiness Competencies Model Team will: • By January 5, 2015, develop for the Board a contextual document summarizing the career readiness discussion within the higher education community and the opportunities for NACE to advance the competency definitions and a model for universal consideration. The document should also include how ongoing NACE research and other resources might support the development of a career readiness competency model. • By January 5, 2015, present recommendations regarding an action plan framework for the development of a career readiness competency model. • By March 1, 2015, provide a recommended model for salient or core undergraduate career readiness competencies, including definitions, measurement strategies, and possible recognition options (e.g. badging, etc.). • Heighten awareness among NACE members about this critical issue. Develop and implement a specific communications plan, e.g. NACE Journal article, blogs, Twitter, etc., that will inform members about the topic and the work of NACE to influence the conversations and provide meaningful impact for our members.