• Honoring Excellence: NACE Annual Awards

    NACE Academy of Fellows

    Deborah Chereck

    Special Assistant to the Vice President of Student Affairs, Formerly Director of the Career Center, University of Oregon

    Deb Chereck has been active in NACE since 2001, serving on the Board in various capacities, including on committees and teams, and as director, vice president, president-elect, and president. She has been in the career services field for more than 30 years in various positions, including director of the University of Oregon career center. She was a 2005 Fulbright Grant recipient and has been involved with the Career Services Institute. Many of her colleagues attest to her ability to create collaborations and encourage and inspire others in the profession to become future leaders of NACE.

    Chereck, Deborah

    Vanessa Strauss

    Senior Advisor to the Director, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)

    Strauss, Vanessa

    Vanessa Strauss served on the NACE Board for more than 10 years—as vice president-employer, president-elect, and president, and as a member of various committees and task forces that focused on keeping NACE strong and relevant to its members on both sides of the profession. Those committees include Diversity Advancement, Leadership Strategy and Sourcing, Management and Technology, Future Trends, Governance Transitions, Honors and Awards, and Advocacy Advisory. Her colleagues call her a highly competent negotiator, an expert conciliator, and a compelling communicator.

    Professional Change Maker Award: Small College

    Corporate Projects in Career Curriculum

    C.T. Bauer College of Business, University of Houston

    Many Bauer College of Business students work their way through school. Including corporate projects into the college’s required career course allows 400+ students to complete mini-internships each year. Students gain experience and insight without leaving their existing jobs, and the college’s internship program participation has increased by more than 60 percent.


    Professional Change Maker Award: Large College

    Experiential Education: Internships and Cooperative Education, A Handbook for Practitioners and Administrators

    Massachusetts Community Colleges Experiential Education Committee

    Massachusetts Community College cooperative education and career services professionals wrote formal guidelines for co-op and internship programs. The handbook contains best practices, success factors, federal regulations, and legal issues to remember when designing, implementing, supervising, and assessing internship and co-op programs on community college campuses.


    NACE/Chevron Award Sponsored by NACE and the Chevron Corporation

    “Wherever, Whenever, & Whatever” Integrated Mobil Technology Strategy

    University of Georgia

    Through mobile web technologies, two iPhone apps, and social media integration, the University of Georgia career center set up a strategy to provide career programs and career content “wherever” students are (class, home, campus, or in transit), “whenever” they need it (career fair, on-site interview), and through “whatever” technology (laptop, iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry) is available to them.


    NACE/SJG Rising Star Award Sponsored by NACE and the Spelman & Johnson Group

    William Alfred Jones, Jr., Associate Director for External Relations and Information Technology Services

    University of Maryland – College Park

    William Alfred Jones, Jr. has worked at the University of Maryland – College Park university career center in some capacity since starting as an undergrad intern. He has earned two promotions in the last three years, now serving as associate director, overseeing employer relations, public relations and marketing, and IT functions within the center. He is passionate about career services, working tirelessly to make services better, programs stronger, and the career center more successful. He has had a positive impact on other staff members, has developed new and innovative programs, and has presented at regional and national conferences. Massachusetts Community College cooperative education and career services professionals wrote formal guidelines for co-op and internship programs. The handbook contains best practices, success factors, federal regulations, and legal issues to remember when designing, implementing, supervising, and assessing internship and co-op programs on community college campuses.



    College: Diverse Reverse Fair

    University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

    At the Diverse Reverse Fair, the tables were turned on employers when 25 diversity student organizations pitched ideas and made connections with 110+ employer representatives. This fair will lead to closer relationships and programming between employers dedicated to diversity in their hiring and campus organizations with diverse student leaders and members.

    Employer: Stilettos to Steel Toes


    Stilettos to Steel Toes encourages college women studying engineering to explore nontraditional careers and other opportunities they might not have known existed. The program is run in partnership with the groups Society of Women Engineers, Promoting Opportunities for Women in Engineering, and Women in Scholarship, Engineering, Science, and Technology.


    Global Initiatives

    Small College: Hult Global Case Challenge

    Hult International Business School

    In partnership with the Clinton Global Initiative, the Hult Global Case Challenge leverages the school’s international diversity and brings together the brightest students from the world’s top business schools to help solve a global social issue faced by leading NGOs, such as Habitat for Humanity, SolarAid, One Laptop per Child, and Water.org.

    Large College: NYU Global Career Development

    New York University

    Through this strategic initiative, the Wasserman Center for Career Development is able to provide comprehensive services and programs to support students studying abroad. The programs facilitate career exploration and experiential education, and provide resources that enhance and leverage the participants’ global experiences.

    Employer: Global Recruiting Initiatives

    Ernst & Young

    Ernst & Young’s 152,000 people work in 140+ countries, so working effectively in a global marketplace is a key priority. Ernst & Young offers a range of programs and experiences to help interns and employees build global mindsets, including the opportunity to work on a global account or a short-term international assignment, or to participate in a more formal global placement program.


    Marketing and Branding

    Small College: Building Blocks to Your Future: Lego Contest

    Worcester Polytechnic Institute

    A Lego Contest was held at a Career Development Center (CDC) event to create more awareness of the center’s Facebook page and to increase the number of fans in an interactive way. Students built a Lego structure related to their future careers, and photographs of the structures were posted anonymously on the CDC Facebook page. Students voted by “liking” the photos; the photo with the most “likes” won.

    Large College: The Career Life Cycle—Marketing Communications Strategy

    University of Georgia

    Created to meet student “just-in-time” needs virtually, the Career Life Cycle is a targeted communication strategy built with social media and other free online tools. Using this model has helped the University of Georgia career center become second in the country in total number of Twitter followers for U.S. career services offices and be on the forefront of social media within the field.

    Employer: Campus Campaign—Grow Your Own Way

    Pricewaterhousecoopers LLP (PwC)

    PwC wants its employees to design their own career path and build a network to empower their development. The “Grow Your Own Way” campaign shows students, recent grads, and PwC professionals that they will receive the training, coaching, and experiences to help them build relationships and take advantage of opportunities to help shape a career at PwC and beyond.



    College: Career Center Social Media Implementation and Best Practices Survey

    Princeton University

    This nationwide survey explored levels of social media implementation and best practices, and the extent to which responding career centers had established a strategy and/or guidelines for their social media activities. Findings confirmed the growing importance of social media in engaging constituents and revealed the hallmarks of a successful social media strategy.


    Student Engagement

    Small College: Enterprise Projects and Professional Development Program

    Neumont University

    Neumont University’s professional development is linked with every aspect of the curricula. Students complete courses designed in partnership with industry and the Enterprise Projects program is a required component of their studies. Neumont leads in professionally oriented technology education and believes career outcomes are a critical ingredient in its success.

    Large College: Business Careers for Non-Business Majors

    University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

    This program is designed to help non-business students understand, identify, and articulate their transferable skills and strengths as they relate to business careers. Bringing students and alumni together, the program instills confidence in liberal arts students who might wish to pursue careers in fields such as finance, banking, human resources, and accounting.

    Large Employer: Liberty Lends a Hand, The Community Project

    Liberty Mutual Insurance

    Liberty Mutual responds to catastrophic events annually. In summer 2009, Southern California wildfires affected communities throughout Los Angeles. Liberty Mutual’s university relations department created the Liberty Lends a Hand team with 10 undergrads from across the country to help respond. Now in its fourth year, the project allows students to go beyond their usual sphere of involvement to help people in an area that has experienced natural disasters.



    Small College: The Career Roadmap

    Willamette University Career Center

    Using 24/7 online technology, The Career Roadmap assigns 10 career planning tasks to students, such as testing, interviewing, resume writing, and networking. The innovative part was obtaining faculty buy-in. Faculty members now require students to complete the core career planning. By partnering with faculty, Willamette’s career center tripled student attendance in its programs. 

    Large College: PennCareerDay

    University of Pennsylvania

    @PennCareerDay is a Twitter account (http://twitter.com/PennCareerDay) launched in February 2010 that runs in real-time explicitly for University of Pennsylvania alumni to post live from their office or workplace as their day unfolds. They share details about their activities and responsibilities, providing relevant advice for students interested in their career fields. 

    Small Employer: FinFinder

    Pariveda Solutions

    FinFinder enhances the career fair experience for students and employers. FinFinder allows the user to enter basic candidate information, complete a scorecard, and upload the corresponding resume using barcode recognition and parsing technology. The tool reduces manual data entry for employers and allows students to apply directly at the career fair booth. 

    Large Employer: Recruitment Technology

    Ernst & Young

    Ernst & Young embraces technology to connect with candidates in an immediate and dynamic way. Technology also helps Ernst & Young stay environmentally responsible by moving move more of their communications from print to digital. A robust career site, an industry-leading social media footprint, an enhanced mobile presence, and a rich media online advertising campaign are some of the vehicles in Ernst & Young’s recruitment dialogue. 

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