• Best Practices: Military Veterans

    Developed by the 2014 Diversity Research Committee


    Operation IMPACT (Injured Military Pursuing Assisted Career Transition)
    Operation IMPACT is a Northrop Grumman initiative designed to provide career transition support to military service members and their families who have been severely injured in the global war on terror. This grassroots program, started by a Northrop Grumman employee, is run independently from the company's normal recruitment of veterans. In addition to providing support to the injured service member if he/she is not able to work, the program offers career support to a member of the individual's immediate family who will act as the primary wage earner.

    Northrop Grumman has put together an extensive project team to:

    • Support transition activities of wounded warriors;
    • Market skills and abilities of eligible candidates for employment opportunities throughout Northrop Grumman;
    • Promote the Company's efforts to external organizations;
    • Participate in wounded-warrior targeted events;
    • Identify accommodations and training to help ensure the new hires success on the job; and
    • Provide post-hire support to those hired through the program

    Career Transition Support to Student Veterans and Peer-Based Career Services

    San Diego State University's Success in Engineering for Recent Veterans Through Internship and Career Experience Programs (SERVICE)

    SERVICE Program Goals:

    Create a clear path from active duty to a successful career in engineering for veterans through paid internships and other career experiences, including:

    • Providing outreach and guidance to pre-engineering veteran students who plan to attend SDSU.
    • Providing dedicated employment assistance to veteran engineering students who desire internships.
    • Work with local industry partners and veterans to match veterans with paid engineering internships and full-time employment in engineering jobs.
    • Work with community colleges and the SDSU College of Engineering to ensure that military experience translates into academic credit where ever possible, so that veterans can maximize their educational benefits and complete degree requirements in the minimum amount of time.

    Additional Resources and Tools

    "Employing America's Veterans, Perspectives From Business"

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    Information courtesy of Arizona State University Career Services

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