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  • Trends: Fewer Women in Computer Sciences


    There is a gender gap in both degrees conferred and in starting salary offers in the engineering and computer sciences fields. In particular, participation by women in computer sciences has been decreasing since the 1980s, and those that are earning computer science degrees receive an average starting salary offer that is 22 percent less than that offered to their male counterparts.


    Building a Diversity Recruiting Strategy: Emphasize Commonality, Inclusion Over Differences

    There are many benefits associated with developing a diverse work force, but in order to do so, employers must stress what students want—such as commonality and inclusion—and avoid making assumptions that slow or derail efforts.

    OP-ED: College and the Job Market: Is the Love Affair Over?

    The notion that a college education pays off in the form of much higher wages has also been the justification for having individuals and their families pay more of the costs over time. Yet new graduates in recent years have struggled to get their careers and their adult lives going, no doubt in part due to the lingering effects of a weak job market since the Great Recession.

    Employers Reassessing Hiring Plans More Frequently

    More employers indicated plans to reassess their college hiring needs on a weekly or monthly basis in 2014-15 than in 2013-14, according to results of NACE’s Job Outlook 2015 survey.

    What’s Driving the Next Wave of Talent?

    A fresh understanding of human behavior—what motivates, what inspires, and what drives talent is changing the very foundation of organizations around the world. Leading organizations are already benefiting from this new knowledge. The key is to leverage this groundbreaking information to help you rethink what’s possible and to remain relevant to the next wave of talent.

    Strategic Planning: Methods for Growth

    Organizations embark on strategic planning for different reasons. Today, many develop or modify a strategic plan to address changing external and internal forces, including cutbacks in budget and personnel, demographic changes, competition, legal issues, technology, and loss of revenue.