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    JobPlace is for NACE members to share with colleagues from other colleges and universities. Jobplace is open to all staff members at NACE-member offices.

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    Guidelines for Participation

    1. Discussion on Jobplace is polite and professional.
    2. Keep your messages short. State your opinion or question simply.
    3. Do not rely on your messages being confidential or private.
    4. While debate is welcome, personal attacks are not. You may not send harassing, libelous, defamatory, or obscene materials. Do not use ethnic slurs, racial epithets, or anything else that may be construed as disparagement or harassment of others. Curse words—or abbreviations of curse words—are prohibited.
    5. Please note: The first few messages you send to the Jobplace group will be held briefly in a queue so that NACE staff can monitor incoming and outgoing e-mail. This ensures that spam doesn't get sent to Jobplace listserv members.

    Job Opportunities and Other Advertising

    1. All advertising, promotional, and commercial solicitation is strictly prohibited. Advertising includes:

    2. While a general discussion of professional resources is welcome, discussion of a specific vendor, product, or resource is not allowed. NACE is not responsible for statements made by subscribers to Jobplace as to the legitimacy of any business. If you wish to get opinions or recommendations of a commercial product, please ask that all e-mail be directed to your e-mail box and not to Jobplace.


    1. Do not post messages for other people.
    2. Discussion of most career services topics online is encouraged. If you post a question of interest to your colleagues, please collect the answers and send a summary of responses to the list.
    3. Any copying and/or downloading of copyrighted material to Jobplace must be with express written permission of the person or organization that owns the copyright. This includes copying of NACE materials. If you have any questions, contact Claudia Allen, NACE permissions editor.

    Formatting Your Messages

    1. When posting a message to Jobplace, please include your name, organization, and an e-mail address at the end of your message. You may include your title, and a telephone number. Keep your signature short—no more than five lines.
    2. Include a subject in the "subject line" of your message. This will help other Jobplace subscribers choose among the messages to read and respond to, and will make your questions/answers/discussion easier to find in the archives.
    3. Please post messages in plain text format. HTML and rich text formatting cannot be read by all e-mail software and may display with unreadable random characters.

    If you need technical assistance, contact Samantha Ridner.

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    While you own the copyright to your individual messages and materials that you place on JobPlace, NACE compiles the messages and materials and owns the compilation of messages and materials. By subscribing to JobPlace, you are giving consent for NACE to use your messages in the compilation in any manner that NACE sees fit. NACE may archive the compilation of messages and materials, and make those available to NACE members, NACE staff, and other selected persons. By subscribing to Jobplace, you are also consenting to this specific use of your messages on Jobplace and in the archives.