• Incorporating Social Media Into an Employee Referral Program

    Spotlight for Recruiting Professionals
    March 6, 2013

    Enterprise’s employee referral program (ERP) has been a valuable asset as nearly 35 percent of its management training program hires come from its ERP.

    “We’ve always had a strong employee referral program,” explains Carolyn Eiseman, Enterprise’s employer brand director. “It’s decentralized and managed at the local level. The groups where our employees posted positions on their social media profiles were seeing results in hires.”

    Based on this observation and other factors, Enterprise is rolling out a commercial platform that blends social media into its management training program’s ERP. In the first month of this initiative, 145 Enterprise employees in talent acquisition are participating and two hires have come from the social media element of its ERP.

    Following are some tips Eiseman offered for incorporating a social media platform into your organization’s ERP:

    • Don’t view social media as a construction tool—Have a strong employee referral structure in place before incorporating social media into it. Social media won’t build a strong employee referral program, but it can help make a strong program even stronger.
    • Don’t focus on one social media service—Several years ago, in Enterprise’s first foray into integrating social media into its ERP, the platform it used dealt exclusively with Facebook. However, Eiseman notes, Enterprise is finding it much more effective and comprehensive to offer a range of social media services—such as Twitter and LinkedIn—though its ERP platform.
    • Allow flexibility—Enterprise’s new structure gives employees the flexibility to be as involved as they want to be. For example, they can determine the frequency with which job listings are posted to their social media profiles and on which of their profiles the listings appear. Eiseman says employees favor being able to control their participation in the social media aspect of Enterprise’s ERP.
    • Take advantage of offered functions—Some ERP social media platforms provide valuable features, such as integration with applicant tracking and reporting. Make use of these functions to get a clearer view of the impact your social media efforts are having.

Incorporating Social Media Into an Employee Referral Program