• Career Services Benchmarks: Directors Get a 2.7 Percent Bump in Salary

    Spotlight for Career Services Professionals
    April 17, 2013

    Salaries and experience levels for professional positions in career centers did not change significantly over the past year, according to results of NACE’s 2012-13 Career Services Benchmark Survey.

    The director of career services, for example, has an average 16 years of experience and is paid  $69,107, an increase of only 2.7 percent over 2011-12 survey results.

    This year’s survey includes a breakdown for institutions by Carnegie Classifications™, so schools can compare their demographics with like schools.

    Highest-paid directors work at “very high research universities” with an average of $96,644. Lowest paid, with an average of $49,666, are directors at two-year schools located within a four-year university. Salary differentials across the different classifications of schools are highest at the director level.

    Six of the nine professional positions surveyed showed an increase in average salary. There was a decrease in average salary for three positions.

    The increase in average salary included:

    • Director—2.7 percent
    • Associate director—1.6 percent
    • Assistant director—4.0 percent
    • Marketing coordinator—0.7 percent
    • Employer relations coordinator—1.7 percent
    • Technology specialist—1.1 percent

    The decrease in average salary included:

    • Career counselor—(3.2) percent
    • Experiential education coordinator—(0.7) percent
    • Career information specialist—(0.1) percent

    The executive summary of the 2012-13 Career Services Benchmark Survey is available for free at www.naceweb.org/career-services-survey/; the full report is also available through this link (survey participants can access the full report at no charge).

Career Services Benchmarks: Directors Get a 2.7 Percent Bump in Salary