• Tips for Maintaining Ties With Interns

    Spotlight for Recruiting Professionals
    July 23, 2014

    It is critical that your organization maintain the relationships it has developed with its interns when they return to campus. Here are several tips for doing so:

    • During their internships, students are often paired with a buddy or mentor, or other staff member. Have these employees periodically reach out to the interns they mentored by phone, text, or e-mail to see how the interns are doing and update them about any key developments at the organization.
    • Ask former interns to serve as campus ambassadors for your organization, and have them participate in your career fair booths and during your information sessions.
    • When your recruiters visit campus, have them take your interns out to lunch or dinner.
    • Send care packages to your interns during finals.
    • Have a newsletter, blog, and/or website for interns where they can receive updates about the organization and interact with employees and with one another to keep them engaged.
    • Hold a preonboarding event for interns returning to the organization to go over pertinent information about the program, and provide any program or organizational updates.