• Leveraging Mobile to Get More From Face-to-Face Events

    Spotlight for Recruiting Professionals
    August 1, 2012

    A combination of Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs regulations and the expense and inefficiency of brochures led AT&T’s college recruiting team to ask a question: How do we make the most of our face-to-face events while staying compliant?  

    The answer, it determined, was to not simply send candidates to its website to apply for a job, but to capture their information during events, keep students engaged,  and encourage them to stay connected to the company.  

    AT&T does this through its Talent Network, in which registered candidates receive updates about job openings and contests, and a monthly career-related newsletter. Since March of 2009, AT&T’s Talent Network has amassed nearly 1.6 million members. Meanwhile, the company’s mobile recruitment website hosts an average of nearly 44,000 visitors per month who view an average of almost 140,000 pages. 

    Jennifer Terry, AT&T’s staffing director, talent attraction and operations, and Rebecca Parson, the department’s professional project manager, offer several tips for using mobile to get the most out of in-person events:

    • Include several options for students to engage with your organization—Use QR codes, text messages, and other tools to draw in students, and then give them something valuable at the destination. For example, link a QR code to a page of videos that would be of interest to candidates considering your organization. Students won't use your technology if it simply links them to your homepage.
    • Keep them active—If you meet students on campus and are trying to engage them, don’t send them away to apply. Don’t put the burden on them to follow up. Take on the burden yourself by capturing their information and following up. It’s your opportunity to court the student.
    • Make it easy—Arm your recruiters with tablets to capture student information during campus events. For example, your recruiters can use a tablet to log into your system, identify the event, and have candidates input their name, contact information, positions of interest, and more. The recruiter can then indicate if a candidate is a top prospect.
    • Act on the data you collect—The data you capture during the event will allow your recruiting team to send customized messages after the event, provide candidates with valuable information, track sources of candidates, comply with regulations more easily, and manage applicant experience.
    • Provide a customized experience—Use the student information you’ve captured to send students personalized messages and information about jobs in which they've indicated interest. Keep them engaged, and, at minimum, provide monthly newsletters and calls to action.  

    AT&T’s Jennifer Terry and Rebecca Parson presented “Upping the Ante: Mobile Career Fair Engagement” at the NACE 2012 Conference.   

Leveraging Mobile to Get More From Face-to-Face Events