• Strategies for Effective Branding: Part 2

    Spotlight for Recruiting Professionals
    August 20, 2014

    Creating effective branding is a challenge for many organizations looking to attract top college talent. According to Sue Keever Watts, founder and president of the Keever Group, you can bolster your organization’s marketing and branding efforts by focusing on your process and people and by leveraging opportunities outside of events that are strictly recruiting focused.

    1) Create a hassle-free recruiting process supported by knowledgeable team members

    Students say that selecting an employer comes down to two things: the process and the people. If the process is labor-intensive, unprofessional, confusing, disorganized, frustrating, or time-consuming, and there’s no one available to troubleshoot, it casts a negative impression on the entire organization. Think of the process as a part of your brand. What if the only interaction the student had with your company was through your process? Would they think you were competent, professional, empathetic, customer-focused, and able to quickly and efficiently solve problems? The same goes for the people whom students interact with during the job-search process. Do all the people from your organization treat students as individuals? Do they personalize the experience or do students feel like a number? Do they simplify the process by answering student questions? It’s important to equip your team with the information needed to respond to student queries.

    2) Take advantage of your organization’s presence at industry conferences

    If your organization is already planning to set up a booth at an industry conference, consider sending a few university relations team members to staff it. Here’s why:

    • ROI—By sending team members, you will leverage your organization’s current participation in industry events, resulting in enhanced ROI.
    • Marketing—You want to grab the opportunity to announce to a global audience of highly targeted industry professionals that your organization is a viable, successful company that is hiring.
    • Expanded presence at the booth—Your team members can field career inquiries that would otherwise tie up technical and sales staff.
    • Name generation—This is an opportunity to capture names of highly qualified graduates (for use post-event) via badge-scanning technology.
    • Career discussions—This is also an opportunity to market to and network with potential candidates before, during, and after the event.