• The Heart of Recruiting: Motivate Your Team, Now!

    by Sue Keever Watts
    Spotlight for Recruiting Professionals
    September 18, 2013

    Sue Keever WattsIt's week four of college football, classes have begun, and campus recruiting is officially under way. By now, most of you have set your goals, established metrics, determined your strategy, and brought together your campus recruiting teams for a kick-off meeting. Like any other season opener, we feel a sense of anticipation, excitement, and energy. And, following every new beginning, there's the dreaded middle. The middle is the most critical part of the journey, and yet it receives the least attention.

    I encourage you to take the time, now, to motivate your team. The best way to do that is to be very intentional in your communication. Look for little ways to keep the momentum going, offer words of inspiration and gratitude, and remind the team where you're headed. The following is a sample of a tactical communications plan that I created for a large employer:


    Communications Vehicle



    Call to Action

    Week 3


    Remember what we did well last year (tips) and remember what we want to accomplish this year (goals).

    URR Leader

    Capture stories and anecdotes, and send them to me.

    Week 4


    Here's what we learned at our career fair (tips and competitive info).

    Campus Recruiter

    Share any insights you have about career fairs, information sessions, campus events, etc.

    Week 5

    Package (note with gum, candy, etc.)

    Thank you for your hard work. We're halfway there.

    URR Leader

    Keep the momentum going.

    Week 6


    Spotlight on early successes (highlight team or team member that has shared insights so far).

    Campus Recruiter

    Let us know what's happening on your campus.

    Week 7

    Text to team

    I appreciate your hard work.

    Campus Executive

    The end is in sight. Keep up the good work.

    Week 8


    College recruiting is important to our business. Thank you for helping us build a strong organization.

    Business leader

    Please serve on a campus team again next year.

    It's my experience that the little things are what truly matter to people. Participating on a campus team is time consuming and it's rare that an employee's workload is reduced to accommodate the extra hours. But, when you make people feel like part of something significant and acknowledge their contributions, then it's worth the journey. The heart of recruiting involves keeping an eye on the end result, but never forgetting that the most important part is in the middle.