• Students Share Pet Peeves and Preferences for Dealing With Employers on Social Media

    Spotlight for Recruiting Professionals
    October 2, 2013

    In a video created by the UCLA career center, students shared both their pet peeves and what they like when dealing with employers on social media.

    What turns students off?

    • A "heavy hand": One student opted to follow an organization on Twitter only to find that the next time she logged into her Twitter account there was a "feed" of all the organization's postings. As a result, she "unfollowed" the employer.
    • Too much: Another student said being inundated by posts multiple times daily changes her perception of the employer.
    • Lack of substance: A student noted that she follows employers to learn about them and receive information that is relevant, not to receive "fluff" news.

    What works?

    • Understanding their impact: One student says she likes when companies relate what they are doing on a broader level, both nationally and internationally. This, she says, shows that the companies are thinking about the impact they have.
    • Information to use in the job search: She also likes when organizations share information about their goals, mission, and vision for the future so she can present her skill set to them in a way that could help them achieve their goals.
    • Short videos: Another student likes to watch short, concise, and catchy videos rather than read longer articles.

    Watch the UCLA career center's video at www.youtube.com/watch?v=OV2VjphUyFo. For more information about social media—including several more videos—see www.naceweb.org/knowledge/social-media.aspx.