• Salary Survey Online

    Salary Survey Online is the web-based companion to NACE's Salary Survey report.

    • Both tools provide you with starting salary information for new college graduates in 90+ majors at the bachelor's degree level.
    • Both provide employer-reported salary data.
    • Both provide salary data by major, occupation, and industry.
    • Both are a benefit of NACE membership.

    Salary Data on the Fly

    What's the difference between Salary Survey and Salary Survey Online?

    The Salary Survey report is static—it is a snapshot in time. It features national data, and is published three times a year (January, April, September).

    Salary Survey Online is dynamic, with data updated bimonthly so you can get salary data on the fly. It features national and regional data, so you have access to more information.

    Use Salary Survey Online to get the most current national and regional salary data by industry and occupation around 90+ college majors.

    • National data are free to NACE members; regional data are fee-based.

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Salary Survey Online