• Employer Brand Research: Insights You Need to Craft a Compelling Brand Story

    Do you struggle with attracting the candidates who not only meet job criteria but also are a good fit with your corporate culture?

    Get accurate, actionable insights you can use to ensure your “brand story” resonates with your target audience with NACE’s Employer Brand research.

    Insights You Can Act On: Get the “Why” Behind the “What”

    Based on one-on-one interviews with your new hires—who hold the key to developing a brand story that attracts others like them—NACE’s Employer Brand research will give you the direction you need to craft a compelling story that attracts your ideal candidates and converts them into new hires.

    Your research will dig into:

    • What matters most to your target audience, why, and how that works in your story.
    • What motivators drive the decision to accept your job offer so you can leverage those in your messaging.
    • How your recruiting process impacts your brand. Find out where your process and message align, and where they disconnect.

    You will also get key information about new hire expectations and goals to support your retention efforts.

    Learn More About Employer Brand Research!

    Contact Ed Koc, director of NACE research, 610.625.1064, for details and pricing.