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    NACE is accepting submissions for the 2016 NACE Awards program from November 16, 2015, through January 31, 2016. Finalists for NACE Awards will be notified in the spring, and winners will be announced during the NACE 2016 Conference & Expo in June in Chicago.

    NACE Awards provide honors and recognition for yourself, your staff, and your organization through acknowledgment at the NACE Conference and in NACE publications.

    The NACE Awards honor members' outstanding achievements in the career services and HR/staffing professions in the following categories:

    For organizations

    Career Services Excellence Award—Awarded for excellence in career services best practices providing guidance, service, and resources to students. (One award for small (<5,000) college and one for large (≥5,000) college.)

    Recruiting Excellence Award—Recognizes excellence in recruiting best practices. (One award for small (<5,000) employers and one for large (≥5,000) employers.)

    Diversity and Inclusion Excellence Award—Acknowledges excellence in best practices in nurturing and advancing diversity and inclusion. (One award for career services and one for employers.)

    Technology Excellence Award—Awarded for excellence in best practices using technology and/or social media outlets. (One award for career services and one for employers.)

    NACE/Chevron Award ($1,000 provided by Chevron)—Recognizes outstanding achievement for innovative programs in the college career services field.

    Members' Choice Award—Awarded to an individual who addressed a challenge, problem, or issue facing our profession with an innovative change or improvement. (For either a career services or employer member.)

    For individuals

    Mentor of the Year Award—Recognizes an individual who has selflessly demonstrated leadership and the ability to serve as a quality mentor to one or more individuals. (One award for either a career services or employer member.)

    NACE/DirectEmployers Catalyst Award ($1,500 provided by DE)—Recognizes an individual who demonstrates excellence in competencies in university relations and recruiting while precipitating positive change and inspiring enthusiasm and energy in their organization and in our profession. (One award for an employer member.)

    NACE/Spelman Johnson Group Rising Star Award ($1,500 provided by SJG)—Awarded to an individual with four to seven years of experience who has demonstrated strong leadership potential and contributions to the career services profession and the NACE organization. (For a career services member.)

    Volunteer Meritorious Service Award—Acknowledges a NACE member who has contributed unselfishly of their time and talent to give back to NACE and the profession. (One award for either a career services or employer member.)

    The Kauffman Award—Acknowledges the accomplishments and contributions of Warren E. Kauffman, who served the association for more than 30 years. The recipient is recognized for making a tangible contribution to NACE that significantly improved the association. (For career services and employer members, or other individuals who have served the profession.)

    Academy of Fellows—Recognizes individual(s) who have contributed to the profession through the advancement of knowledge, leadership, or excellence in professional practice. (For career services and employer members, or other individuals who have served the profession.)


    All current NACE members are eligible to submit for an award.

    To ensure the integrity of the NACE Awards Program, Honors and Awards Committee members abstain from submitting for an award on behalf of their organization and withdraw from the ranking and voting process in any category in which an award entry is received from their respective organization. Those serving on the NACE Board of Directors also abstain from submitting award entries on behalf of their respective organizations.


    Please contact Cecelia Nader at NACE, cnader@naceweb.org.

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