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  • NACE Statement on the Events in Washington, D.C.

    January 7, 2021

    The events that unfolded yesterday in Washington, D.C., were, to say the least, horrifying. The peaceful transfer of power is core to our democracy, and those who would assault and attempt to disrupt that deserve nothing less than our condemnation.

    Our association’s unique mission is to advance the employment and economic prospects of America’s college graduates. Yesterday’s events jeopardized those prospects. Consequently, we call on Congress and others in our nation’s leadership to restore order and take the necessary steps to preserve and protect our Constitution and our democratic government.

    I also want to recognize that yesterday’s ugliness was underpinned by systemic racism and supported by a lack of appreciation for evidence-based thought and discourse. Justice matters. Facts matter. NACE is committed to both.

    Many of us need the time and space to process and reflect on what we witnessed. As part of this, we can consider how we, personally and professionally, can serve as examples for those whose lives we touch and help them move forward.

    Finally, I want you to know that your association is here for you. As always, we are stronger together.

    Shawn VanDerziel
    NACE Executive Director

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