• Advocacy Advisory Committee


    Chair: Kathy Sims
    Board Advisor: Sam Ratcliffe
    Staff Advisors: Marilyn Mackes & Ed Koc

    Kathy Sims
    Director, Career Center
    University of California - Los Angeles

    R. Samuel Ratcliffe
    Board Advisor
    Director, Career Services
    Virginia Military Institute

    Marie Artim
    Vice President, Talent Acquisition

    William Banis
    Vice-President, Student Affairs
    Northwestern University

    Ralph Brigham
    Global Director of Campus Relations
    Southwestern Company

    Patricia Carretta
    Assistant Vice President, University Life
    George Mason University

    Emanuel Contomanolis
    Associate Vice-President & Director
    Rochester Institute of Technology

    Thomas Devlin
    Director, Career Center
    University of California – Berkeley

    Denise Dwight Smith
    Director, University Career Center
    The University of North Carolina at Charlotte

    Dan Guaglianone
    Executive Director, Recruiting & Staffing
    Merck & Co., Inc.

    Marcia Harris
    Career Dimensions NC

    Tim Luzader
    Director, Center for Career Opportunities
    Purdue University-Center for Career Opportunities

    Jack Rayman
    Senior Director, Career Services
    Pennsylvania State University

    Vanessa Strauss
    Senior Advisor to the Director
    Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, Division of Administration

    Shawn VanDerziel
    Vice-President, Human Resources & Administration
    The Field Museum

    Marilyn Mackes
    Executive Director

    Ed Koc
    Director of Strategic and Foundation Research

Advocacy Committee