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  • star icon Forage
    379 W Broadway
    New York, NY 10101

    Forage is the only candidate experience platform for emerging talent that combines career discovery, skilling and recruiting in one place. We provide candidates, regardless of their circumstances, the means to advance their career for free by experiencing what it’s like to work at some of the biggest companies in the world like BCG, Citibank or GE. Our virtual experience programs empower emerging talent to find their right career fit, while enhancing their skills and work-readiness along the way. For companies, it flips the hire then train model. It allows them to use workplace-specific training (rather than generic industry training), en masse, as a recruiting tool. In doing so, they build a diverse network of current or future candidates and leverage high fidelity signals to nurture, engage and hire the best fit talent.

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    Yasmin Monfared