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  • star icon GradSift
    2 Sawgrass Cres
    Magenta, NSW 2261

    GradSift is purpose-built ai technology for employers to streamline early-careers shortlisting. It expands recruiter capacity to go beyond core and target schools to objectively assess thousands of applicants in seconds. GradSift replicates manual screening of graduate & entry-level resumes. Employers choose their selection criteria. GradSift interprets applicant data from academic background, work experiences and extra-curriculars to assess achievements, behavioral skills and relevance of candidate experiences. Employers can filter across core and target schools, HBCU, non-listed and top international schools to easily identify the best applicants from any school. Achieve greater diversity without additional effort. Recorded video enables recruiters to assess communication skills and career interests to finalize interview shortlists. Post-recruitment analytics automatically report deep data for demographics, student profiles and marketing effectiveness right down to individual school.

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    Peter Pychtin
    +61 417229152