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    Webinar Facilitator Resource Page

    NACE professional development webinars are designed to deliver engaging content to career services and university relations and recruiting professionals in an online format.

    We encourage you to review the guidance below to ensure your webinar's success. Your NACE staff liaison also can assist you with any questions you may have.

    General Information
    Timelines and Deadlines
    Pre-Program Test Run Information
    Tips to Make Your Webinar Successful
    Post-Program Evaluation Summary

    General Information

    Webinar Design

    Webinars are traditionally one-time, 60-minute programs in which time is allotted for participant interaction as well as Q and A. However, NACE can accommodate shorter or sequenced webinars if those formats will enhance delivery of content to attendees.

    To engage attendees, we encourage you to incorporate interactivity into your webinar design. Interactivity may include:

    • Live chat question and answer
    • Pre-webinar surveys
    • Pre-webinar activity completion that will enable continued content discussion during the webinar
    • Polling
    • Activity completion during the webinar to further attendees' understanding of content
      • Individual - Attendee completes activity independently
      • Group - Attendees located in the same physical space complete an activity collectively
    • Video
    • Post-webinar encore conversations or presentation of sequenced material

    PowerPoint Presentation

    NACE encourages webinar facilitators to prepare a PowerPoint presentation that supports the delivery of content to a virtual audience. PowerPoint presentations should:

    • Highlight key content while allowing you as the facilitator to provide necessary details;
    • Be designed simply and concisely;
    • Use the NACE professional development PowerPoint template
    • Feature no more than one slide per 2 to 3 minutes of presentation (e.g., 20 to 25 slides for 50 to 60 minutes of presentation); and
    • Contain welcome, copyright, and contact information slides, which are included in the PowerPoint template.

    Your PowerPoint presentation must be submitted to your designated NACE professional development liaison one month before your scheduled event date.

    Ancillary Materials

    We encourage you to prepare ancillary materials that directly correlate to the content of your webinar. Your materials should be concise and should highlight key components; attendees can review materials in detail before or after the webinar. If materials will be used to facilitate an in-webinar activity, you should provide instructions on the handout and in your PowerPoint presentation.

    Facilitators must use NACE's template when creating ancillary materials.

    Ancillary materials must be submitted to your designated NACE professional development liaison one month before your scheduled event date.

    Timelines and Deadlines

    Timeline/Deadline Action
    12 weeks pre-program Instructional design consultation call scheduled with NACE staff liaison
    8 weeks pre-program Webinar system test run scheduled with NACE staff liaison
    4 weeks pre-program PowerPoint presentation and ancillary materials due to NACE staff liaison
    1 week pre-program Webinar system test run with NACE staff liaison
    Program Date Log on and dial-in to webinar system 30 minutes before program's scheduled start time
    1 week post-program Receive webinar evaluation summary

    Pre-Program Test Run Information

    Your NACE staff liaison will confirm your webinar system test run approximately eight weeks before your program's scheduled date. NACE will host the test run approximately one week before your program's scheduled date.

    During the test run, you will have the opportunity to ensure that all systems function correctly from your location. We recommend that you complete your test run in the same place you will be for the actual webinar. In addition to system functionality, you will also review the following during your test run:

    • Opening flow, including moderator introduction;
    • Navigation tools within the webinar system, including how to administer and interpret a poll if applicable;
    • Chat tools and responding to audience questions;
    • Presentation tools within the webinar system; and
    • Closing flow, including question and answer, and webinar sign-off.

    Tips to Make Your Webinar Successful

    General Tips

    • Be sure that you are in a private, quiet space where you will not be interrupted during your webinar.
    • Join the webinar using a hardwired Internet connection and land telephone line to ensure a strong connection.
    • Have a clock and a glass of water nearby when you present.
    • Keep a hard copy of your slides handy in case of emergency. If you refer to them, slide them rather than turning them over to avoid creating background noise.
    • Remember to silence e-mail notifications, cell phones, and your office phone to avoid accidental interruptions.


    • If using desktop sharing, shut down all other applications on your desktop, visit the webinar system events page, and click on the System Check to download the Active X Plug in on the page. If you do not, desktop sharing will not work.
    • You do not need to respond to questions in chat about connection or technical issues. Those questions will be addressed by your NACE staff liaison or the webinar operator.
    • The NACE moderator will make opening comments for your session and then turn it over to you. When you finish your presentation, you should cue the operator letting him/her know that you are ready to take questions. The operator will then explain the Q and A process.
    • Webinar software will not work with Google Chrome; desktop sharing will not work on Mac computers.


    • Practice to ensure a smooth delivery and check for timing and pacing. To gauge the length of your presentation, use 2 to 3 minutes for a written slide and 30 seconds for a graphics slide.
    • Do not read your slides content verbatim or read directly from notes. Use your own words, speaking in a conversational manner.
    • Minimize discussion of school and/or company background information.
    • Avoid talking more than 3 to 5 minutes at one time without inserting a mental check-in, such as an attendee poll or rhetorical question to reengage the audience.
    • Since the audience cannot see you, it is important that you use inflection and modulation in your voice. Also, remember to pause briefly after each slide to allow for audience reflection and note taking.

    Post-Program Evaluation Summary

    One week after your program takes place, you will receive a summary of evaluation scores supplied by program attendees. You also will receive access to any open-ended question responses.

    NACE recommends that you consider the following when reviewing your evaluation summary:

    • Composition of respondents;
    • Number of respondents as compared to number of total attendees; and
    • Whether comments pertain to content or logistics. Generally, if comments pertain to logistics, they are not a reflection of your presentation and will be addressed by your NACE staff liaison.

    After you have reviewed your evaluation summary, you may request a debrief call with your NACE staff liaison if you would like additional insight into response trends. A debrief call is not required.