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  • Report: On-Campus Recruiting, Job Postings for M.B.A. Students

    September 28, 2016 | By NACE Staff

    Trends & Predictions
    Recruiters wait to meet business students on campus to discuss job opportunities.

    Spotlight for Recruiting Professionals

    A slight majority of schools reported an increase in on-campus recruiting activity for full-time positions compared with the same time period last spring, according to recent research by the M.B.A. Career Services & Employer Alliance (M.B.A. CSEA).

    The results of M.B.A. CSEA’s Spring 2016 Recruiting Trends Survey show that 51 percent of respondents report an increase in on-campus recruiting for full-time jobs for full-time M.B.A. students, which is down from 70 percent in the Spring 2015 survey. Meanwhile, 61 percent reported an increase in full-time job postings for the same population, nearly identical to the 60 percent that experienced an increase in the 2015 survey.

    Most schools indicated that on-campus recruiting is flat for part-time M.B.A. students, with 41 percent indicating an increase. Among specialized master’s programs, 51 percent saw an increase in on-campus recruiting and 53 percent in full-time job postings.

    By industry, the strongest increase in recruiting for all programs was seen in technology, with consulting and healthcare also increasing for M.B.A. programs. Specialized master’s programs also saw an increase in the financial services industry, with many schools noting an increase in data analytics for these students. The largest decrease across all programs was in the energy industry.