• Immigration/International Students - Legal Issues

  • Legal Issues: Senators Introduce Immigration Reform Bill


    In mid-April, a bipartisan group of senators introduced an immigration reform bill that, among other changes, would raise the H-1B visa cap.


    Legal Issues: Interviewing and Hiring International Students


    Employers need to know how to determine if an international student will require visa sponsorship—and career services professionals also should be aware of this process so that they can effectively advise these students.


    Legal Q&A: What are the legal issues surrounding international students and unpaid internships?

    Recently, the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) announced that it will more rigorously investigate “unpaid internship” programs to determine if the work performed is legally “volunteer” work, or whether the work should be compensated. Contrary to many news reports, the DOL rules governing unpaid internships are not new, and have been in place for many decades. However, until recently, enforcement of these rules by the DOL has not been a priority.

Immigration/International Students - Legal Issues