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  • NACE Diversity Report

    Focus Recruiting Efforts with Insightful Diversity Data

    How can employers better connect with, market to, and recruit a diverse pool of college graduates?

    Diversity hiring initiatives have become increasingly important for many companies. Organizations are looking for ways to cast a broad net to ensure their diverse talent pipeline is always full. The data in a custom NACE Diversity Report identifies graduate demographic information that helps employers focus on schools that are producing the diverse talent their organization needs.

    A custom NACE Diversity Report enhances an employer’s ability to approach the selection process strategically, assess results, and make adjustments to ensure they are getting the best return on their target school selection efforts. The report looks at employer diversity targets broken down by gender, ethnicity, and major.

    The data in the report helps employers:

    • Confirm their commitment to colleges and universities with which they already work;
    • Increase their talent pool by identifying new schools based on their target profile;
    • Update existing targeting information with the most up-to-date statistics; and
    • Get a better understanding of how geographic location affects diversity statistics.

    Use the NACE Diversity Report for valuable, customized diversity data in one central location.


    Price: Reports start at $500 for NACE members.  


    Contact Andrea Koncz, research manager, at, 610.625.1021.