• Five Tips for Effective Diversity Recruiting

    Spotlight for Recruiting Professionals
    March 20, 2013

    Without diversity in the work force, employers can’t truly meet the needs of their customers.

    “It takes diversity of ideas, cultures, backgrounds, and experiences to provide the most valuable customer solutions or products,” explains Carrie Hunter, Dell’s university relations lead, North America. “Employers have recognized that people’s differences are a benefit in the workplace.”

    Following are several tips from Hunter for effective diversity recruiting and hiring:

    • Don’t run the risk of not being diverse—When everyone looks the same, talks the same, and thinks the same, you risk your business always being the same. Without new ideas stemming from varied backgrounds, you risk stunting your growth. If you want to do business in the global economy, work force diversity is a must.
    • Commit to diversity hiring—Effective diversity recruiting involves various factors including hiring manager training and sourcing expertise. Hiring leaders must be committed to considering candidates from a wide range of sources, and be aware of subconscious biases. Recruiters should understand the meaning of diversity and cast their net accordingly.
    • Speak up to overcome challenges—A common challenge that recruiters face is lack of control over the final candidate selected by the hiring manager. The recruiter can strive to identify candidates from a wide range of sources, only to have the hiring leader select the same “type” of candidate over and over. If you notice this practice, speak up. Hiring leaders aren’t always aware of their tendencies to staff their teams through a narrow lens.
    • Develop key partnerships—There are many fantastic organizations—both on campus and on a national level—with which to partner. Consider partnering with organizations for interns and for students with the degree commonalities you seek. While these organizations’ national conferences can be a great place to meet students from across the country, their campus chapters offer opportunities to make deeper connections with smaller groups of students.
    • Onboard effectively—Strive for a seamless and connected new-hire experience. Those first few weeks are critical to forming the new hire’s opinion of their decision to join, and can either foster or hinder loyalty. If your company has employee resource groups, this is the perfect time to introduce the new hire to them. The earlier you can get the new hire connected, the better chance you have of keeping him or her connected.

Five Tips for Effective Diversity Recruiting