• No- or Low-Cost Training for Developing Your Career Services Team

    Spotlight for Career Services Professionals
    May 14, 2014

    When it comes to providing development opportunities for your career services staff, there are several that both get results and are cost-effective.

    Here, Gary Alan Miller, executive director of the career center at Hofstra University, offers several free or inexpensive tips for developing your career services team:

    • Engage campus partners—College campuses are filled with people who have expertise from which you can benefit. For example, consider inviting a marketing professor to talk about your communication strategies or someone from your institution’s IT department to help you better maximize your technologies. Also consider peer shadowing, whereby your team shadows others from your campus or vice versa.
    • Enlist the help of career management systems and assessment providers—Your career management system provider or those with whom you work regarding student assessments are likely very willing to work with you on training for best practices and ways to leverage your system to help solve problems and accomplish your goals. Talk with your provider about your areas of need and you may find that they can help you fill in some gaps in your training.
    • Explore online resources—There are tremendous—and often overlooked—learning opportunities that exist online. For example, the American Management Association has hundreds of free webcasts available, and the MOOC movement can help you gain knowledge or skills in an incredibly wide range of topics.

    Gary Alan Miller will team with O. Ray Angle of the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill and Catherine Rains of CPP, Inc. to present a NACE preconference workshop titled “Developing Your Career Services Team Without Breaking the Bank.” For more information about this and other preconference workshops, see www.naceweb.org/ConferenceExpo/preconference-workshops.htm.