• M.B.A. Hiring Increases, On-Campus Activity Grows Slowly

    Spotlight for Career Services Professionals
    Spotlight for Recruiting Professionals
    August 7, 2013

    A majority of schools reported an increase in on-campus activity for full-time positions compared with the same time period last spring, according to the latest research by the M.B.A. Career Services & Employer Alliance (formerly the M.B.A. Career Services Council).

    According to results of M.B.A. CSEA’s Spring 2013 Recruiting Trends Survey, both on-campus recruiting activity and full-time job postings have increased over last year for most schools worldwide.

    Forty-eight percent of survey respondents report an increase in on-campus recruiting for full-time jobs, while 68 percent report an increase in postings for full-time jobs.

    Increases in recruiting activity are occurring across most sectors, with technology and energy showing the largest increase. Financial services and government showed the largest decrease in full-time recruiting activity, similar to the pattern indicated in the previous year’s survey. When looking at recruiting activity by company type, start-ups saw the largest increase in activity (57 percent).

    Overall, schools are optimistic about internship hiring, with 70 percent of respondents seeing an increase in internship postings.