• Using Tumblr as a Marketing and Communication Tool

    Spotlight for Career Services Professionals
    August 15, 2012

    Another tool that career services offices are adding to their social media toolboxes is Tumblr, a customizable short-form blogging site that allows users to post text, photos, quotes, links, audio, and video. There is a strong social component as users follow one another and post original content to their blogs or add content from others. As posted content is shared throughout the web, it collects reposts, “likes,” comments, and conversations. 

    Career services offices are using Tumblr to communicate with students and market events. The office of career services at Oberlin College uses Tumblr primarily to advertise upcoming events on campus, such as workshops, on-campus recruiting, networking events, and more.

    “Tumblr is a great visual medium, so once we’ve created a poster or flyer for an event, we’ll just scan it into Tumblr,” says Gayle Boyer, department technician in Oberlin’s office of career services.  

    Other key elements of Tumblr, Boyer points out, include an option that allows the office to designate a specific date and time to publish a post, and “Ask Me” and “Share Post on Twitter” features.  

    The scheduling option permits the office to schedule its posts in advance and not have to wait to send out reminders or updates. Meanwhile, the “Ask Me” feature—which Oberlin’s career services office will begin using this semester—lets students start online conversations with the office, and “provides a more informal, dynamic space for students to gain career information.” And by linking its Tumblr and Twitter accounts, the office saves time while retaining the ability to choose which posts to share on Twitter and customize the content of each tweet.  

    “This definitely helps streamline our social media marketing,” Boyer notes. “We’ve only been using Tumblr for a few months, so we’re still building a following. But Oberlin’s communications department is great about passing our postings along to their much larger audience, so that’s definitely expanded our range.”  

    Does your office use Tumblr? Please contact Kevin Gray to share your ideas and best practices for using the site. For more on Tumblr, see Best Practices: Tumblr. 



Using Tumblr as a Marketing and Communication Tool