• Student Survey: Class of 2013 Plans for After Graduation

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    November 13, 2013

    The percentage of Class of 2013 seniors who had definite plans to enter the work force immediately after graduation grew by a fraction from the Class of 2012, according to results of NACE’s Class of 2013 Student Survey.
    (See Figure 1.)

    The same was true for the percentage of seniors intending to go to graduate or professional school, as this number increased marginally from 23.5 percent to 23.8 percent.

    The reason for the increases—however marginal—is that Class of 2013 respondents were more definite about their immediate plans after graduation than were their 2012 counterparts. As Figure 1 shows, the percentage of graduating seniors who were unsure about their plans after graduation dropped between the Class of 2012 and the Class of 2013.

    NACE conducted its Class of 2013 Student Survey between February 15, 2013, and April 30, 2013. This year, 37,874 students responded from 646 member institutions throughout the United States. Of these responses, 9,715 came from bachelor degree seniors who indicated that they would be getting their degrees by August 2013. This story is based on the responses from this group of seniors.

    The Class of 2013 Student Survey report and executive summary are available at www.naceweb.org/surveys/student.aspx.

    Figure 1: Plans for After Graduation, Class of 2013 vs. Class of 2012

    Source: Class of 2013 Student Survey, National Association of Colleges and Employers