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  • Career Center Staff Salaries Then and Now: 2005 and 2015

    Among career center professional staff, directors earned the highest annual base salary, followed by associate directors, according to NACE’s 2015-16 Career Services Benchmark Survey Report for Colleges and Universities. But, how have the salaries of career center professional staff members changed over the last 10 years, particularly from the perspective of inflation?

    2015 Recruiting Benchmarks: Staff Salaries

    While the average annual salaries of managers, recruiters, and coordinators increased from last year, the average salary for directors dropped.

    Career Services Benchmarks: Staff Salaries and Experience

    Average salaries for eight of nine career center staff positions climbed in 2014-15 from last year.

    What’s a Name Worth? Career Center Directors, Operations, and Salaries

    It has been speculated that the title of a college career center’s top professional position may have an effect on its staffing size and operating budget. This article addresses this question by exploring data from NACE’s 2013-14 Career Services Benchmark Survey.

    Recruiting Benchmarks Survey: Staff Salaries

    All levels of professional university recruiting staff saw increases in their average annual salaries in 2014 compared to 2013, according to results of NACE’s 2014 Recruiting Benchmarks Survey.