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Position Statement: Unpaid Internships

Key to the ongoing debate regarding unpaid internships is the absence of a definition of what constitutes an “internship,” and specific criteria that may be used to assess opportunities. 


Materials related to internships. 

Unpaid Internships: A Clarification of NACE Research

NACE research has found a strong positive relationship between a student having an internship and an increased probability of receiving a full-time job offer while searching for a job prior to graduation. 

  1. NACE Center Projects

    Review current projects undertaken by the NACE Center for Career Development and Talent Acquisition. … of the Future COMMISSIONED RESEARCH: UNPAID INTERNSHIPS The Impact of Undergraduate Internships on … National) Understanding the Impact of Unpaid Internships on College Student Career Development and … Outcomes (University of Georgia) Unpaid Internships and Early Career Outcomes (Endicott College) …

  2. NACE Research

    NACE Research provides research, analysis, and insight to help set strong strategy; make … sound business decisions; and benchmark with other organizations. … NACE Research has a long-standing history of supporting the field with quantitative research; forecasting hiring trends in the job market … Compensation Survey October – December March Internship & Co-op Survey November – January April Job …

  3. NACE Research Reports

    Explore post-graduation plans; expectations of … NACE reports like First-Destinations Survey, Internship & Co-Op Survey, and Student Survey … Find out how critical internship and cooperative (co-op) education programs are to the overall … across seven U.S. regions. This report is based on NACE’s Internship & Co-op Survey data. … Fee: $220 (member); $345 (nonmember) BUY NOW Internship & Co-op Survey …

  4. NACE Professional Development Subject Matter Expert Inquiry

    NACE Professional Development Subject Matter Expert Inquiry

  5. NACE Member Savings

    As a benefit of membership, NACE members have access to free and discounted products, services, and event registrations. … NACE Member Savings Membership Join/Renew MyNACE Member Benefits Member Savings Membership Tier Pricing Member Organizations FAQ Not a member? Become one today. … Recruiting Professionals FREE Building a Premier Internship Program Guide with new member welcome …

  6. Best Practices - Career Development

    they handle employers that don’t follow-through. UNL Toolkit Helps New, Existing Internship Programs … key information to employers with existing internship programs and to those looking to establish one … Spring brings job and internship offers, and plans for graduation. How do career services offices … to the school’s internship program. Helping Students and Employers Connect at Small Colleges …

  7. Trends & Predictions - Career Development

    Career Development Trends & Predictions Trends Continue for Career Services’ Location, Reporting Structure … Career centers are being housed less frequently in student affairs, more frequently in other … will award course credit for substantive internships as experiential learning will receive the …

  8. Best Practices - Talent Acquisition

    WHY JOIN NACE? LEARN ALL ABOUT … interns to welcome them to their internship or help them remember their intern … it helpful to think of building an internship program similar to constructing something we all can … increasing since the launch of its summer internship program in 2012. Resource Helps Employers Get … solutions, and best practices in their internship programs. Best Practices for Recruiting New …

  9. Internships - Job Market

    the Class of 2019 was strongly tied to internship experience and the pay status of those internships. Converting … completed as an undergraduate student are the major predictors of initial career outcomes. Internship and Co-op Hiring Make Gains in 2017 … Holyoke College that looks at how internships impact liberal arts majors. Exploring the Implications of Unpaid Internships

  10. Compensation - Job Market

    Job Market Compensation Preliminary Results: Computer Science Top-Paid Master’s Discipline … Computer and information sciences is the top-paid Class of 2019 discipline at the master’s-degree level, according to preliminary results reported to NACE. Preliminary Average Salary for Class of 2019 Shows …