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  1. Cornell Career Services Delivers Career Development Toolkit Through Online Academic Platform

    Members of the NACE Community recently offered some suggestions to their colleagues for books to add to their summer reading lists.

  2. Experiential Engagement through Employer Challenges

    This webinar presents a model for a low-cost or no-cost way for students to engage with an employer, and develop career readiness skills by connecting students and employers in a more meaningful, hands-on way.

  3. NACE Quick Poll: Employers Cautious About Using AI in Recruiting Efforts

    Uncertainty surrounds the use of artificial intelligence among university relations and recruiting professionals and, to a lesser extent, among career services practitioners.

  4. Using FDS to Benefit Your School and Demonstrate Value of Higher Ed

    Schools that conduct an annual FDS to capture information on how their new college graduates fare following graduation can benefit their own institutions and demonstrate the value of higher education.

  5. Communication Is Art

    As communication methods continue to evolve and change due to technology, students should consider their audience and adjust accordingly.

  6. Transferable Skills Digital Badging: Behind the Scenes of Creating a Career-Readiness Culture

    This webinar will explain the systematic process of FGCU's Transferable Skills Digital Badging Program: from "on-ramps" to assessment.

  7. The Meritocracy Trap: Why Sharing Social Capital is Critical for Student Success

    Attendees will create strong methods utilizing social capital to improve post-graduate outcomes for students, including increasing internships and FDS survey results.

  8. Internship Experience the Top Differentiator in a Competitive Job Market

    May 10, 2023—College students who want to stand out to employers in a competitive job market can do so by gaining internship experience and highlighting it on their resume and during interviews, according to research conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE).

  9. College Offers the Economic Security Students Demand

    In his op ed piece, Thomas Guzowski notes that the majority of college students enroll in college to obtain economic stability, increased earnings, and greater employment opportunities and says it’s time universities recognize that.

  10. Cultural Wealth, Social Capital, and Career Outcomes: Black Alumnae in a Minority-Serving Institution

    A study at a minority-serving institution uncovers aspects of social and cultural capital that contribute to the college-to-career transition of Black undergraduate women.