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  • An Insight into 2014 STEM Graduates

  • Summary

    This report looks at post-graduation plans of 2014 graduates in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields. It explores whether new grads wanted to continue their educations in master’s or doctoral degree programs or which job market sector the new grads wanted to enter (e.g., private, nonprofit, government, teaching) by major, gender, and race/ethnicity, including employer/job preferences, salary expectations, benefits preferences, and career preferences, including target industries.

    The report focuses on the job search for STEM majors, including their use of various job-search resources and the effectiveness of each, and the use of career services and the job-offer rate for those using the career center.

    Based on NACE’s 2014 Student Survey results, this report ranks use and effectiveness of social networking sites and delves into internship/co-op experiences, including the effect of experience on job offers and starting salary offers. Some of the findings in this report will be surprising.

    January 2015. 31 pages. 8 1/2" x 11”. PDF format.