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  • Effectiveness of Recruiting Timing and Techniques

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  • Summary

    Effectiveness of Recruiting Timing and Techniques: Qualitative Research and Analysis is the result of research conducted by Mary Scott, president of the Scott Resource Group, in partnership with the NACE Center for Career Development and Talent Acquisition.

    The NACE 2017 Recruiting Benchmarks Survey, fielded following the conclusion of the 2016-17 campus recruitment cycle, presented extensive quantitative data on several key aspects of the current state of hiring new college graduates. Given the competitiveness of the campus talent attraction landscape, two of those topics—interviewing timelines and recruiting techniques—were selected for a qualitative study to surface and assess the reasons contributing to employers’ execution decisions and initiatives.

    Fifty employers were invited to participate in the qualitative research; they were selected to represent the organizational demographics of the NACE membership. Twenty-four organizations responded affirmatively and were interviewed by telephone during August 2017. The structured interview comprised 18 open-ended questions and averaged 31 minutes of discussion time.

    Responses were transcribed verbatim and analyzed according to the self-described satisfaction level of each employer organization with its overall current program results, with half (12 each) of the organizations comprising the two cohorts—those who are satisfied with their results and those who are dissatisfied. This report examines, on a comparative and blinded basis, the patterns that emerged from this analysis and concludes with some overarching themes that have broad application across organization size and type.

    Table of Contents

    • Background
    • Interviewing Timelines
      • Fall Recruiting Advantages and Disadvantages
      • Anticipated Changes to Recruiting/Interviewing Timelines
    • Campus Recruitment Channels
      • Primary Campus Candidate Sources
      • What Works, What Doesn’t
      • What Has Been Eliminated?
    • Management Support for URR
      • Metrics
    • Research Takeaways
    • Appendix
      • Respondents by Sector
      • Telephone Interview Discussions Online

    This report delves into specific results of NACE’s 2017 Recruiting Benchmarks Survey; its findings are also the basis for a presentation at the NACE 2018 Conference & Expo in New Orleans.

    March 2018. 8 1/2” x 11.” 14 pages. PDF format.