Marketing to Gen Z


Marketing to Gen Z


Have you revamped your marketing strategy? Are you seeking innovative ways to reach Gen Z?

Goodbye Millennials, hello Gen Z! Over the past five years, the Office of Career Exploration and Success at Rutgers–New Brunswick have increased their student engagement efforts from 31% to 73% (and growing). Join Kaitlyn Weiss, Associate Director for Strategic Outreach, to explore a variety of marketing strategies used to increase student engagement efforts. These efforts are based on common characteristics of this generation to effectively market programs, resources, and events based on research/best practices to increase engagement.

Following this program, you will be able to:

  • Describe unique characteristics of Gen Z;
  • Explore marketing and engagement strategies designed specifically for Gen Z; and
  • Adapt strategies to meet the needs of your specific institution.


Kaitlyn Weiss, Associate Director, Strategic Outreach, Rutgers University

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