Viewpoint: Hidden Minorities


Viewpoint: Hidden Minorities


Is your organization currently employing practices and strategies to achieve inclusive excellence? Are your current standards of operation aligned to meet the needs of diverse populations? Would your organization benefit from meaningful dialogue and insight from industry experts?

Join Chrissy Conde, Talent Acquisition Manager at Enterprise Holdings, and Danielle Gallant, Senior Career Counselor at The University of Vermont, to gain insight and perspective, and engage in meaningful dialogue on the topic of hidden minorities. The NACE 2020 Viewpoint Series offers a unique opportunity to learn from and engage with industry experts to gain strategies and practices of excellence to enhance and create a diverse and inclusive environment for your constituents.

The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) has a long-standing tradition of promoting diversity and inclusiveness as part of its core mission—facilitating the employment of the college educated. It is our steadfast belief that organizations of all types, whether institutions of higher learning or employers operating in the private or public sectors, benefit by welcoming individuals of different genders, ethnicities, religious beliefs, and/or sexual orientations/identifications into their communities.

“Inclusive excellence is a state of being achieved through consistent attention to inclusive practices that afford a broad diversity of students and employees the opportunity to be successful,” Dr. Alma Clayton-Pedersen, Emeritus Consulting Group, LLC

Following this program, you will be able to:

  • Define hidden minorities;
  • Explore the value of hidden minorities in higher education and the workforce;
  • Examine hidden minorities as it relates to higher education and the workforce; and
  • Use processes which effectively support and advocate for hidden minorities.


Chrissy Conde, Talent Acquisition Manager, Enterprise Holdings and Danielle Gallant, Senior Career Counselor, The University of Vermont

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