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  • Creating a Career Advisory Council

  • Summary

    What is a career advisory council? What factors should be considered when planning to implement an advisory council?

    Join Jaime Doherty and Caroline Hayes, Babson College, to closely examine the benefits and impact of establishing a career advisory council at your institution. In this session, attendees will gain the tools needed to assess staff and organizational readiness with a laser focus on industry trends, brand, and generational preferences. With minimal budgetary needs, this innovative approach details the specific stakeholders, program structure, and considerations to leverage your institution’s outcomes and student experience.

    Following this program, you will be able to:

    • Explore benefits of implementing a career advisory council on your campus;
    • Identify key stakeholders and benefits of collaboration; and
    • Assess program impact and effectiveness.


    Jaime Doherty, Senior Associate Director, Corporate Relations and Recruiting, Babson College and Caroline Hayes, Senior Associate Director, Employer Engagement & Career Advising, Babson College

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