Mental Health and Career Development


Mental Health and Career Development


Join Elise Goss-Alexander, American University, and Philip Wilkerson, George Mason University, to discuss the two-way relationship between mental health and career development, an intersection of increasing importance in higher education. On the one hand, students with mental health issues may have unique needs in career development and the job search relating to managing their health and deciding if or how to disclose their disability. On the other hand, career development and the job search itself are common stressors for most students regardless of previous mental health concerns. This webinar will explore common issues related to this intersection and suggest strategies for career services professionals.

Following this program, you will be able to:

  • Identify resources for understanding at a basic level some of the most prevalent mental health issues among students;
  • Recognize common ways in which career development and/or the job search process can intersect with mental health concerns; and
  • Implement strategies in career services offices that support students' overall mental health.


Elise Goss-Alexander, Career Advisor, American University-School of International Service and Philip Wilkerson, Career Services, George Mason University

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