Triage in Career Services


Triage in Career Services

  • Fee: $60 (member); $99 (nonmember);


How can triage, a method often used within the medical field for prioritization and action be incorporated within the career services context? How can this process result in improved organizational outcomes?

Join Maggie O’Brien and Jenna Lostritto-Simmons, University of Georgia-Career Center, to learn steps for applying the triaging concept to support strategic program planning and implementation to provide a menu of service options for student populations served. Explore examples, outcomes, and implementation strategies through ideation and dialogue to identify opportunities for implementation on your campus.

Following this program, you will be able to:

  • Define triage in the career services context;
  • Assess current service offerings to identify opportunities for strategic application of triage; and
  • Differentiate between triage and scaling.


Maggie O’Brien, Career Consultant, The University of Georgia-Career Center and Jenna Lostritto-Simmons, Career Consultant, The University of Georgia-Career Center

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