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  • Webinar Ethical & Professional Practice in Coaching

    • Career Level: Basic-, intermediate-, and advanced-level career services, university relations and recruiting, and business affiliate professionals
    • Competency: Goal setting
    • Fee: $87 (member); $147 (nonmember)
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    • Summary

      The Ethical and Professional Practice in Coaching webinar series defines ethical standards and expectations for professional coaches. Learners will identify individual barriers affecting the coaching process. Through continued development and collaboration opportunities, learners will identify ways to promote a coaching awareness and contribute to the practice of professional coaching.

      Learners will expand on their understanding of coaching and explore individual challenges and barriers that affect the coaching process, while also developing their skills to enhance and establish the mentoring relationship.

      Following this program, you will be able to:

      • Describe individual challenges that coaches face and examine techniques to overcome obstacles;
      • Differentiate between apprentice, competency, and reflective mentoring models; and
      • Use effective strategies and processes to enhance the mentoring relationship.

      Learners will carefully examine the role of a coach when serving as a client advocate, clearly defining the role of an advocate and exploring scenarios to determine appropriateness. The learners will also review client profiles to determine ethical responsibility when referring a client.

      Following this program, you will be able to:

      • Discuss legal and ethical considerations when acting as a client advocate;
      • Describe situations that exist that hinder client growth and progress when acting as a client advocate is appropriate; and
      • Justify appropriateness of referral in review of client profiles.

      The final component of the ethics webinar series dives deep into coaching as a profession from an ethical, professional development, and individual level. Learners will clearly describe ethical expectations, professional obligation, and expected contribution to the field of coaching.

      Following this program, you will be able to:

      • Review the BCC Code of Ethics and expectation for adherence;
      • Identify outlets for continued development;
      • Describe best practices for informing clients of ethical and legal aspects of coaching; and
      • Recognize benefits of professional collaboration for support and leadership.


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Webinar: Ethical & Professional Practice in Coaching