Career Pathways for Undocumented Students – What Career Services Practitioners Need to Know

  • Career Level: Basic-, intermediate-, and advanced-level career services, university relations and recruiting, and business affiliate professionals
  • Competency: Organizing information, logistics, people, and processes toward desired outcomes
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  • Summary

    Approximately 427,000 undocumented students are enrolled in U.S. colleges and universities.* This population includes talented, diverse, and resilient students who are eager to gain experience and knowledge about their career options, despite their unique barriers. Career services professionals need to be well-educated and equipped to properly advise undocumented students with their career advising needs. Topics that will be covered during this session include:

    • Who undocumented students are, including a definition of terms;
    • How to properly advise undocumented students with their career advising needs;
    • Career pathways available to undocumented students with work authorization (DACA and TPS) and without work authorization; and
    • Effective practices and resources you can use to support undocumented students in their career development.


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