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  • Game Changers: Celebrating Black History Month

    • Career Level: Basic-, intermediate-, and advanced-level career services, university relations and recruiting, and business affiliate professionals
    • Competency: Outcome-oriented programming
    • Fee: FREE (member); $69 (nonmember)
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    • Summary

      "Never be limited by other people’s limited imaginations."
      --Mae Jemison

      You have the power to effect change for yourself, your colleagues, your organizations, and for the students you serve or recruit. NACE’s Game Changers Series, in celebration of Black History Month, shines a light on game changers who share their personal stories and serve as models for working to bring about positive change.

      What can you do to bring about positive change? Join this session and learn about a new career services initiative bringing positive change through offering University of North Carolina students class credit hours and how an HBCU is included in the process. The session will feature Dr. Tierney Bates, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Special Projects & Executive Director for Career Services, University of North Carolina University at Chapel Hill. Dr. Bates will also share his personal game changing experiences and what those have meant for him professionally and personally.


    Visit the FAQ page or contact NACE Education & Events at, 610.625.1026.

Game Changers: Celebrating Black History Month