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All Jobs Are Tech Jobs: Leveraging the Social Sciences for Core Four + More
This session surveys the current labor force; offers projections about the economy over the coming decade; highlights strategies institutions can adopt to grow skills across all fields, with a special focus on the social sciences; and explores examples of how these activities can be accomplished at scale. Learning Objectives: Identify four high-growth, high-earnings fields that are projected to grow over the next decade and understand entry strategies for those in degree-aligned and those in the social sciences. Build data literacy skills for all students, develop in-demand social skills, know which skills and certifications Fortune 500 companies value (and which they do not), and align high-impact practices accordingly. Review examples from three institutions, learn lateral entry strategies for social science students, and develop tactics to gain broader support for the Core Four upon returning to campus after NACE.
Career Services
Developing a Career-Ready Workforce
Panel Session
Main Speaker:
John Barnshaw, Lightcast
Additional Speakers:
Lynn Letukas, Microsoft
Liz Moran, SAS Institute