1. A laptop showing a virtual meeting.
    A Year in Review for the NACE Liberal Arts Affinity Group

    The NACE Liberal Arts Affinity Group reflects on its many accomplishments since last year's conference and looks ahead to next year.

  2. A robot hand typing on a keyboard.
    Issues and Strategies of Using Artificial Intelligence to Create Cover Letters with International Students

    Because of the potential challenges of using career services effectively, international students may turn to artificial intelligence for their career-related questions without fully realizing the possible negative outcomes related to it.

  3. A career services counselor talking to a student.
    Power Skills Aren’t Just for Students

    When it comes to advising students on the importance of professional skills, demonstrating those skills in your day-to-day can go a long way.

  4. Two hands reaching for one another.
    Embracing Volunteer Opportunities Can Lead to Growth and Development

    NACE offers many options to get involved, and those who choose their pursue volunteer opportunities can experience both personal and professional growth.

  5. A group of college graduates at graduation.
    Embracing My Journey: From First-Generation Student to Early Careers Recruiter

    Because all talent acquisition specialists have had their own unique journeys, embracing those experiences can help them better understand and connect with students.

  6. Students sitting on steps at a college.
    Weaving Career Centers into the Fabric of Campus

    Career centers that integrate into all parts of a student’s journey in college are better positioned to effectively serve students and demonstrate their value on campus.

  7. An illustration of networked bubbles.
    It’s Who You Know: Helping Students Grow Their Professional Networks

    Because students may lack the professional network to get noticed, career services staff can help by leveraging their own networks to highlight students to potential employers.

  8. A collection of different social media profile pictures.
    How Can You Be Intentional About Your LinkedIn Engagements?

    Students who begin building their social media presence while still in college will have an advantage after graduating, and there are several easy steps they can take to get started on LinkedIn.

  9. A group of Gen Z students.
    Generation Z in the Workplace

    As Gen Z enters the workforce, there will be a shift in workplace culture and expectations, and employers who have embraced these changes have an advantage are positioned for success.

  10. A student speaks with her professor.
    How to Help the Student Become the Professional

    The classroom can be a valuable resource for students to develop the skill and mindset to think of themselves as professionals and describe how their skills relate to their field.

  11. A group of interns working together.
    What Do Students Gain From Internships?

    Internships can provide students with valuable professional skills but also a professional network, which can be even more valuable upon graduation.

  12. A group of volunteers.

    Through relationships made through volunteering, you can gain knowledge and perspective to grow both professionally and personally.

  13. An illustration of hands.
    Interested in Volunteering? Go for It!

    Deciding to volunteer may not always be an easy decision, but it will ultimately be a personally fulfilling one.

  14. An illustration of volunteers with outstretched hands.

    While people often consider the professional benefits of volunteering, it can also have a positive impact on your mental health, too.

  15. An academic advisor mentors a student.

    Serving as an advisor and mentor often requires working with students to achieve their academic goals while also adjusting to a new social environment.

  16. A group of smiling people.

    No matter what the “volunteer language,” there is always an opportunity to give back and support others.

  17. An image of a traffic light.

    While many put pressure on themselves when searching for that first job or internship, it can be beneficial to take any shortfall as an opportunity for personal exploration and growth.

  18. A bunch of illustrated tiles with icons, suggesting the idea of strategy development.

    It’s useful to take time to develop your strategy and be mindful of possible trouble spots such before sharing new ideas.

  19. An image of a fraying rope.

    Employers who ask about weaknesses during an interview are typically seeking personal awareness and how a student can frame a strategy to minimize the consequences.

  20. A Return to In-Person Career Fairs: Member Tips and Ideas

    Over the summer, NACE conducted a Quick Poll to learn about fall recruiting plans, and the findings seemed to indicate that most activities would mostly return to in-person. Employers expected to spend about 70% of their time recruiting in person and 80% of career centers were planning for in-person career fairs. However, even with a return to in-person events, both employers and colleges still had to adjust their standard procedures because of the ongoing risk posed by the pandemic.

  21. Incorporating MLI Teachings Into the Real World

    Every year, NACE hosts their Management Leadership Institute (MLI), which is designed to help participants prepare for leadership roles.

  22. An illustration of a computer and digital resources.

    NACE provided a range of articles and resources around DEI-related topics throughout FY22.

  23. How to Help Students Be SMART

    Students who set goals and develop a specific and measurable plan to accomplish that goal are more likely to be successful, and staff advisers can play a key role in this process.

  24. A group of nontraditional students.
    Embracing Nontraditional Students Can Help Employers Create Diverse and Inclusive Workplace

    Many emerging professionals are turning to community colleges, vocational schools, and technical bootcamps to gain marketable skills.

  25. A collage of books.
    NACE Members Share Their Recommended Reading for New Grads

    Memorial Day signals the unofficial start of summer, and for most schools, it marks the end of the busy graduation season. However, as this year’s seniors graduate, many NACE members were curious about how they could best share some final tips and advice as these grads transition from academia to the workforce.

  26. silhouette of chess piece being placed on chess board
    Is Salary Negotiation Inherently Inequitable?

    When a candidate is put in a situation to name a salary or negotiate a salary provided by the employer, the candidate is not being paid based on their merit and skills but rather on how well they handle a negotiation discussion.

  27. A group of NACE volunteers.
    Volunteering Takes All Types

    While taking that first step towards volunteering may feel daunting, especially for introverts, it can end up being a very rewarding experience.

  28. A group of college students in class.
    The Paper to Prove You Have the Skills

    Colleges must work to ensure that students are aware that skills they’re using and developing in the classroom can be an asset after entering the workforce.

  29. Five people sitting around a table
    Diversity Hiring and Authenticity at Work

    Many employers have embraced the idea of authenticity at work, but career services must work with students to anticipate and navigate challenges should these employer efforts still fall short.

  30. Person looking at computer tablet
    The Problem of Bias in Technology

    As employers begin to rely more heavily on the use of technology when screening job candidates, inherent biases within this technology have begun to be revealed in the documentary “Coded Bias.”

  31. Person looking at laptop screen
    Unpacking Professionalism: A Discussion Following the Shift to Online New Student Orientation

    Ned Khatrichettri and Cameron Vakilian explore the nuances of professionalism in a post-pandemic, increasingly digital world.

  32. Three people smiling
    The Importance of Honoring Names: Perspectives and a Plea From an American of Asian Descent

    As employers continue to emphasize diversity, equity, and inclusion at the workplace, acts such as correctly pronouncing names becomes an increasingly important first step.

  33. Person smiling
    Presenting My Authentic Self

    Despite many employers advocating for employees to bring their authentic selves to work, employees that do so may still face hostility from coworkers due to this decision.

  34. Free to Be: Proactive Inclusion and Equity Efforts to Support Gender Identity and Expression in Professional Settings

    Employers and career services professionals should take a proactive approach to ensure their spaces are tangibly inclusive to a multitude of gender identities.

  35. Three people in conversation
    Top 6 Reasons to Volunteer With NACE

    Volunteering with NACE can create meaningful professional and personal connections, develop and build skills on a resume, and create opportunities for growth.

  36. Representation Matters

    Through diversity in entertainment, students from marginalized groups can discover many career options that they may not have otherwise considered.

  37. My Journey to Living Authentically

    The journey to living authentically both personally and professionally is not always a smooth one and can have a lasting impact on the mental health of those who make the decision to do so.

  38. Three people in conversation
    Reframing Authenticity

    Many employers encourage employees to bring their “authentic” selves to work, but it should ultimately be up to the employee to determine how much of themselves to share.

  39. Person talking to another person on a laptop
    What Will You Keep From These Creative Times?

    After the pandemic forced major changes to recruitment and talent acquisition, the question of what changes were temporary and which are here to stay remains.

  40. Thirteen people in video conversation
    A Case for Getting Involved Outside of Your Career Center

    By getting involved in organizations that extend beyond your job, you can develop skills and relationships that can help you grow both personally and professionally.

  41. Three people in conversation
    The Benefits of Service and Volunteering in Students’ Career Development Journey

    Volunteering can help students gain valuable experience and learn about what workplace environments best suit their needs, which will be helpful when applying for jobs after graduation.

  42. Ten people standing
    Welcome to Member Voices!

    The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) have scheduled the launch of Member Voices, a platform exclusively featuring member-created content with new articles published weekly.

  43. Picture of a laptop
    Good Intentions, Ethics Washing, and PR in the Hiring Tech Market

    Technology has a place in that future, but whether the tools we use truly promote good or reinforce a damaging status quo depends on the choices we make now.

  44. Picture of military uniform
    The Importance of Career Services Establishing Pathways for Military-Connected Students

    When working with military-connected students, it is important to keep in mind that while they face many of the same challenges as other students, their path to success can differ.

  45. Picture of classroom
    If We Kill Career Fairs, Then What?

    While many schools have seen fewer students attend both virtual and in-person career fairs, schools must consider other options to foster employer-student relationships.

  46. person sitting
    Permission to Rest

    Searching for a job can itself be a full-time job and could lead to burnout. Giving students permission to rest and recharge can ease the mental burden and lead to future success.

  47. Who Are We Serving?

    When working with employer partners, career services teams must keep in mind that career centers are not staffing agencies and student needs must come first.

  48. Picture of resume
    Should Students Include Professional Summary Statements on Resumes?

    NACE members share their personal thoughts on resume professional summary statements and what information, if any, should be included by students seeking employment after graduation.

  49. concentric circles on water
    Candid Reflections on Fall 2021 in Career Services: Observations and Suggestions for Future Practice

    Over the last two years, the nature of employment has shifted, and college career services may need to adjust to more closely align with these changes.

  50. four people gathered around table
    Building an Inclusive Internship or Apprenticeship Program From the Ground Up

    Work-based learning opportunities can be great ways for students with disabilities to gain valuable professional experience while preparing for their postgraduation careers.

  51. Two women in conversation
    Spotlight Setbacks Along with Successes When Job Searching

    As students prepare their resumes and practice interviews for internships and postgraduation employment, it is important to remember that failures can be as important as successes.

  52. People standing together
    Salary Transparency Is Just the Beginning

    Increasing salary transparency in general and including information on potential payroll deductions can go a long way towards a more equitable work environment.

  53. Growing the Seeds of Goodwill Through Volunteering

    April is National Volunteer Month and a great time to reflect on all the positive benefits one can receive through volunteering.

  54. Person presenting in front of people
    Volunteering for a Leadership Position Can Help Gain Valuable Professional Experience

    Getting involved in a NACE Affinity Group can be a great opportunity to connect with peers and gain valuable insights.

  55. Group of People
    Volunteering Begins with the First Step

    People may try to rationalize why they “can’t,” but NACE volunteers share their experiences and explain why everyone “can."

  56. Volunteering With NACE Keeps Me Connected and Accountable to the Community I Serve

    When it comes to volunteering, sometimes the opportunity can come unexpectedly, but accepting the offer can be fulfilling both professionally and personally