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    1. Avoid Oversharing by Streamlining Electronic Communications

      How can career services offices streamline their electronic communications to avoid oversharing without sacrificing student attendance?

    2. Using First-Destination Survey Results to Tell a Story

      In 2016, Wayne Thibodeau interviewed Oakland University’s then-president on video to capture insight on the value of the university’s first-destination survey report. The video became a powerful tool used to tell the story of Oakland University’s impact on its students.

    3. Innovation Through Collaboration

      DePaul University leverages institutional relationships to market internships through a workshop provided at employer hubs.

    4. Should Students Wear Panty Hose to Interviews?

      Are bare legs considered a no-no at job interviews? That’s the question career services practitioners recently discussed in the NACE Community.

    5. NACE Community: Gifts for Employers

      Here are some suggestions from members of the NACE Community about school-branded gifts from the career center to employers.

    6. Dynamic Activities Ideas Can Engage Deciding Students

      Dynamic activities can capture students’ attention, get them thinking about the job-search process, and engage them in career services.

    7. Connecting Prospective Students With Career Development

      At Concordia University, Nebraska, a request by a coach for the director of career development to speak with a top recruit led to the career development office being a destination for all prospective students during campus visits.

    8. Managing Up With Data

      It is increasingly important for career services to think about its story and how data support its value proposition. The external pressures on our institutions have translated into higher expectations and more opportunities for career services to showcase our direct contributions to student success.

    9. Building Relevancy and Influence: A Game Changer for Career Services

      Career services professionals are doing good work, but how well do stakeholder groups and audiences understand that work and the significance of its results? How strategic is career services in reporting what career services does, why, and the differences it makes for those served? Based on research, including a review of multiple career services annual reports, this article delves into how career services leaders use that strategy to communicate the success of the work they do.

    10. Championing the 21st Century Resume

      It might be time for career professionals to help students craft a new style of resume that includes creative and technological concepts.

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  • The 2nd Annual Symposium on College Internship Research